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DHL eCommerce

With savings this big on lightweight eCommerce shipping into the U.S. … it’s a small world after all.

Grow your eCommerce business in the U.S. with shipping for small parcels at a fraction of the cost! FlagShip has partnered with DHL to give you unbelievable savings when you bundle 3 or more low-weight packages for delivery to your customers in the U.S. (even if they’re going to different destinations within the U.S.). Simply send your bundle to our designated hub, then we’ll distribute your individual parcels to their destination where they’ll enter the local postal systems for final delivery.

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DHL eCommerce
Decide if the DHL eCommerce service is right for you:
Would you like to attract customers from the U.S. to your online store?
Do you plan to ship your goods to destinations in the U.S.?
Do you often ship small envelopes or parcels weighing 2.0 kgs or less each?
Could you send 3 or more envelopes or parcels at one time?

If you answered ‘yes’ to these questions, then you’re ready for some serious savings!

We make it easy to bundle your U.S. bound shipments

FlagShip’s online shipping system will guide you through the preparation of your international parcels step-by-step. All your labels and documentation will be automatically generated, ready for you to download and print!


  • Choose an accelerated service with full tracking and delivery confirmation or save even more with an economical partial tracking service
  • Protect your parcels with additional insurance at a great rate
Watch this short video to see how it works:
Get ready to ship (and save)

Start saving by bundling together 3 or more of your U.S. bound customer orders. Each package should weigh less than 2.0 kgs. Your bundle can consist of parcels or envelopes going to different destinations throughout the U.S.

Set up your shipment

Use FlagShip’s online shipping system to select your preferred service options for each of your shipments. You’ll also choose from FlagShip’s line-up of leading couriers to pick up and transport your bundled parcels to the DHL International Hub in Mississauga, Ontario.

Pack your DHL Hub Shipment

Prepare each of your parcels with the provided shipping labels and pack them all into a single transit box. Affix the box label to your DHL Hub Shipment and your chosen courier will pick up your bundle for delivery to the DHL International Hub.

DHL takes care of the rest

When your DHL Hub Shipment arrives at the DHL International Hub, your parcels will be separated and continue on from Mississauga to their destinations. Upon arrival in their destination, your parcels will enter the local postal systems for final delivery.

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